Who Am I? My Story

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For the last 18 years, I have followed my heart’s call, one creative project at the time. After starting from scratch in many countries – 2 different continents -, learn a new language and continue to believe in what makes my heart’s pump. I am now, a full-time artist that works internationally creating my projects, working collaboratively with artists of many disciplines in various countries, entrepreneurs and producers as well as, helping others to develop and expand further their creative side.

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I remember when I left my birth country: Venezuela. I was finishing my philosophy studies at the U.C.V., had my fashion brand business Bjaki and was working for T.V and Cinema commercials. Even with all of that, I wasn’t happy!. I didn’t feel fulfilled with life and knew inside myself; life was more than that.

When I was 25 years old, I saw my first theatre clown show and fall in love!. It was one of the main reasons that made me decide to leave everything behind to become a performance artist.

You might have heard my story before. From Venezuela, I travelled to Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and Scotland training and performing, performing and training. My curious nature had and has always kept me learning, improving, going deeper… creating!

Theatre clown, storytelling, physical theatre, contact dance workshops, artistic residencies, improvisation, Butoh dance, drawing and painting the figure. I have done and keep doing all I can to expand my creative skills to follow my true call and become – every time – a better version of my creative self.

So far, I have created theatre clown solos, duet and group shows, Immersive and interactive installations, fashion brand, curated events, physical theatre shows, live art, storytelling shows, performance art pieces, visual art exhibitions, art talks and webinars, workshops, collaborative projects, improvised dance interventions, puppetry shows, creative mentorship for artists and people that are ready to let their creative side permeate their daily lives and more.

The more you let yourself dive into this endless spiral of creativity the more you will create and share with the world.



In these last two months, I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland, USA, Poland and Germany while developing projects in Scotland. I worked and connected with many amazing people in all those places and my heart feels grateful for that!


With this email, I simply want to nourish our connection and to thank you for being part of this Creative Adventure!


If there is anything you want to achieve in your life, I encourage you to go for it, start now! make that next step even if it feels small or shorter or inconsistent or invisible.


Once you’ve moved forward towards what you really want, it is more difficult to turn back.


Very nice meeting you!


With love and a creative heart,