Your Visualisation Point 

Hi! Find here the visualisations I share with my private clients to help them reach their goals and experience their days in a more playful an confident way.


Each of them will connect you with the energy of joy and lightness within you.

Get one or get them all, they do complement each other!


You can build your life and business the Playful Way

“This visualisation is light, positive and playful. I really relaxed and had fun with it. I followed your guidance and reconnected to my playful self. Thank you!.”

     Zoriana Latsura – Intuitive Life Strategist.

Your PlayfulSelf Visualisation

Meeting your PlayfulSelf

This powerful visualisation will take you straight into your heart where you will meet, connect and share quality time with your PlayfulSelf.

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“I really got a lot out of the grounding exercise. It really grounded me and I felt I connected more to my body. It felt really powerful! It also felt like I was releasing  tension that has built up over time.  I  definitely want to continue this exercised your guidance and reconnected to my playful self. Thank you!.”




     Laura McNamee – Workshop Attendee.




Your PlayfulSelf Visualisation

A Planetary Experience

This visualisation will help you ground yourself, become present and connect you to the earth while bringing forward playfulness, confidence and trust into your daily life. 

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Playfulness is an attitude you choose in every moment to bring lightness and joy into your life.

“This visualisation was well powerful! and feel I’ve got a new skill.”

                            Sophia Valentien

Your PlayfulSelf Visualisation

Grounding Bubbles

In this grounding visualisation, you will become aware of your body, come back to the present moment and embodied playfulness at a deeper level.

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Bring Back Your Productive & Creative Flow

Run your business and life with a playful mindset!

Feel empowered, determined, confident and, joyful in your day to day activities.