Add More FUN and JOY

to everything you do

What if while others are busy writing their bucket list and putting their life on pause, you are already LIVING YOUR LIFE with excitement and joy???
Bringing your uniqueness to everything you do.


The Playfulness Quest

30 days to activate the FUN energy within YOU

- The Playfulness Quest - 30 days to Activate the FUN energy within YOU online course.

You will get easy to implement tools that connect you with the energy of joy and lightness within you.

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You were told that to be a proper adult, you need to…


  • put your dreams on the back burner for now (which becomes forever!).
  • get stuck in a specific routine, because hey that makes you even more of an adult!.  
  • take yourself seriously. 
  • work… woRK… wORK, and just WORK!. 
  • only play when you have a very good reason to.
  • run yourself into the ground, if you want to achieve anything in life. 
  • accept pain, exhaustion and dullness, as the only life choice!


    They have made you feel…

  • it is YOUR DUTY


  • otherwise, you feel you are not doing enough.

  • you feel tired.

  • you are not taking time off.

  • your self-care practices are no longer helping you to keep going…

  • you feel guilty even if the only thing you want to do is take 5 minutes off between meetings or enjoy a short “ME” time!

I know this because…

I grew up battling with self-judgement. I didn’t feel any sense of worth as a human being. I was daily stuck in shame and guilt.

I didn’t have any hope to build a healthy life, feel fulfilled, be (literally) alive. I DIDN’T!!!!! I didn’t even see myself turning 30 or 40 years old – let alone be happy… I was all the time thinking about my work, letting my friends down, feeling I was never good enough…

Then in my 20’s, I joined physical comedy theatre and something truly magical happened… I noticed the only time I truly experienced joy, happiness and light-heartedness is when I was performing on stage.

And this is when my quest for bringing playfulness to everything I do, exactly like when I am on stage, ALL started!

And it WORKED!!!!


              Register Now …  and Let the FUN begin…

Your life can be filled with joy and fun!!!

I learned… you can be

  • really responsible
  • successful 
  • an Achiever


    Without the need to forget about YOURSELF and WHO YOU ARE.


    You were born to shine.
    You were born UNIQUE.

    Stop hiding who YOU REALLY ARE already!

    You know you are ready to shred that old mask that no longer fits you – IT NEVER DID! – and start once and for all living and showing your UNIQUENESS.

    Unlike most, you are ready to attract your tribe from that place,
    And build a life that feel meaningful to you



Being Playful is NOT about being irresponsible or immature.

It is a life style and philosophy that you can apply at every moment of your daily life.

✓ It connects you with yourself and your inner child. 


Offering you the opportunity to engage with your reality fully and more presently.



And the best gift that you can give to yourself right now is to embrace your playful side and dive deep into this energy because by accepting it and letting it be you will then colour your reality. 



Don’t wait until your death to see the light…
Bring our own LIGHT right now to everything you do

“It is not play the way I thought about it before, it is about finding ways to stay more engaged with the work you are doing at the time…
makes me more productive and have more energy at the end of the day…”

Katherine Wyers. Ireland.
Software Engine

“You had such a relaxed and caring touch  on the group

Liina. Finland
Workshop facilitator and Artist

She is a master of enveloping you in light energies”

Marc-John Brown. Scotland
Entrepreneur, Linguist and Writer

“Thank you Saras for your wonderful playful being and your care for individuals as well as the collective

Emily Phillips. Scotland
Embodied Voice Coach

Who is Saras?

Known and described as ‘Remarkable’ by the Scotsman, Award-Winner Saras has been working on the field of playfulness for over 15 years. She has trained in physical comedy theatre and has performed in several countries in Europe, South America and North America.

Her search has always been how to integrate ‘being playful’ into our daily lives, creating and sharing strategies and tools for this. 

She has been creating theatre performances with playfulness at their core. For many years, she has also been teaching and sharing tools on the art of being playful. 


Saras also coaches empowering and highly-driven determined individuals to grow confidence,  joy and state of flow in their business and lives, helping them develop and expand their business and clarify their life goals and objectives.

              The fun starts on the other side…

This is NOT a temporary fix, The Playfulness Quest will connect you back to your UNIQUENESS.

The Playfulness Quest shifted me in so many ways. Saras has a beautiful sparkle and a natural sense of Playfulness that is infectious. I had no idea how disconnected I had become from my inner child’s need to play. Now more than ever I have come to realise, taking part in this Playfulness Quest, that play is so important. It ignites your imagination and connects you to your creativity. During this Quest Saras gives you beautiful exercises to assist you to connect with your childlike wonder and joy.

I can highly recommend this experience. It has enhanced my life in magical ways. Thank you Saras. Finding times to play, igniting the joy, priceless

Souli Yates. England.

Intuitive Life Coach & Channel


The Playfulness Quest

30 days to activate the FUN energy withing YOU

This action-oriented e-course will take you from overwhelmed to more energy at the end of your day even if you think you are too busy to have fun or don’t know where to start! 

You will get easy to implement tools that connect you with the energy of joy and lightness within you.

What a Playful Life offers

 The opportunity to

  • spot the drama and overwhelm before they build up to experience more joy and presence in your own life and true connectedness. 


  • make peace with your emotions even the toughest ones to go back to your natural flow.



  •  reconnect to who you really are to tap to your potential NOW.



  • create and engage with different perspectives on how life (and every situation) can be, offering a range of choices, situations and connections that can be made upon your choice.


    When taking life so seriously, it is very common to hold onto feelings and beliefs that makes us feel heavy and overwhelmed. 

Add a completely new dimension to your reality with the power of Playfulness by engaging your imagination and discovering that there is much more to life than what your mind has been able to create so far.

Justina Kaminskaitė

Singer, Performance Artist

“I feel comforted not only by the clear steps you suggested I take, but also by the fact that there is you who has been through the process of working on challenging personal material and transforming it into the light at the end of the tunnel.

What is valuable in being in touch with you is that you work on both levels or spheres – general inspiration/vibe/heart and very accurate instructions, schemes which you’ve clearly tried out yourself and which one can apply intellectually”



What will we cover?


  • Master the art of throwing yourself into the present moment with the visualisation exercises to experience life to the full.


  • Bring more spontaneity to your life even in the busiest or overwhelming days.


  • Learn how to let go your inner critical voice and instead have more compassion and feel more gratitude to dive even deeper into the present moment.
  • Completely ‘shift your energy through play’ and build presence, communication and state of joy on-the-go.


  • How to keep the connection with yourself, partner and your co-workers when embracing a more playful attitude and allow yourself to change through the process.


  • Techniques to open up your curiosity and bring in light energies to create meaningful connections in your life and business.


  • How to recognise when you are taking yourself too seriously to aligning your intention to being more playful every day.


  • The importance of creating small consistent changes that will help you stay on the playful path.





Who is this for

 The e-course is perfect FOR YOU if:

  • You believe the world will be a better place if everyone was a bit more playful!
  • You are a work-addict. You don’t know when/how to stop.
  • You know that having a playful attitude towards life is important for your well-being. 
  • You are caught up in a (work/family) routine and you (just) want to hack into it with more joy and fun.
  • You know you need to add fun and enthusiasm into your day.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and tired.
  • You are tired of taking yourself so SERIOUSLY!!!!!!
  • You want to feel grounded and relax in your daily life and when interacting with others.
  • You are already playful and would like more techniques to ground yourself further on that energy!



Please take a moment right now and ask yourself...

Are you taking the time to be playful and joyful throughout your day?

99% of people go through life without really tasting the sweet flavours of what it can offer us. 

Most people don’t really know that by being playful you can change your reality.

They have been told that is all about working long hours, paying off their debts and taking their kids to school. 


Choose Differently Now – Choose Fun

What else can you expect?

. Stop doing the things like others expect you to and finally try your own different way.

. and take risks in a safe environment created by YOU!

. You would have experienced a deep self-care practice

. that allows you to dive in the moment expanding your inner FUN energy into every area of your day


. As a result… you will feel more lively and will have an engage attitude throughout your day.

. making you more productive and with more energy!!!

. Want more? Your connection with yourself and others will be fresh and fully present.

. Yes! Not only that, when you identify what makes you joyful, it will be easier to consciously choose that whenever you want, whatever the circunstances.

What does it include?


  • Module ONE


    – learn what exactly playfulness is and what you needed to boost your energy during your day.

    – create your judgment free zone to help you bring your most playful attitude at every moment.


  • Module TWO

    – learn how to see your ‘mistakes’ are really an opportunity to laugh at yourself and discover how to do things in a different (more authentic) way.

    – discover how being more playful improves the quality of your life.


  • Module THREE

    – learn techniques to be more compassionate towards yourself and others.

    – how to recharge your energies at any time!


  • Module FOUR

    – learn how to use a playfulness attitude to shift your energy.

    – how to engage your imagination and  your increase your problem-solving skills.

PLUS – visualisation exercises  to open up the door to connecting to Your Playful Self.
Exercises that you can do at anytime everywhere you are throughout your day

It is time to stop doing everything as they want you to do it.
Find your OWN way NOW and share it with the world.


BONUS #1 –
(Valued $597)

You will have access to watch previous calls.
Additionally, when I offer the course LIVE (twice a year) you get your questions answered on those. Chat about your blocks and limiting believes and get into healthy discussions on how to let them go to welcome more playfulness and joy into your life.

BONUS #2 –
(Valued $79)

Tap into your endless playfulness energy anytime you choose and learn how to connect quickly with yourself and call in your wild fun spirit on-the-go. Press Play and have fun!

BONUS #3 –
(Valued $57)

Have a laugh, recharge yourself even on busy days and feel instant joy with one simple tool that woks even in the most stressful situations.


BONUS #4 –
(Valued $57)

Learn how to NEVER run out of energy by the end of the day, with this simple 3-step routine that will keep you energised even on tough days. 

BONUS #5 –
(Valued $199)

Have a community of like-minded people who are on the same journey of bringing more playfulness and fun into their lives. Judgement Free-Zone guarantee!

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Feel confident within yourself.


  • Engage your imagination on your daily activities.


  • Ground yourself and take control of your emotions.

  • Access your little madness self.


  • Connect with your inner child and create joyful anarchy.

See you on the playful side!!! xx

      Let’s Have Fun!

It is time to be EMPOWERED!