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Please read below some important info to access the course materials 🙂



The Platforms

The Playfulness Quest uses three main platforms

  1. Thinkific learning platform
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Handouts
  2. Facebook social group
    • Connect with and support the other Playfulness Questers!
    • Post messages about your progress
  3. Zoom for Live Q&A
    • Connect with me and the other Questers live
    • Ask any questions, share your doubts!

How to log in to the Thinkific learning platform

Step 1A

Visit: https://sarasfeijoo.thinkific.com and click [Create a New Account], enter your details and sign up.

(Just click on [Dashboard] and skip ahead to step 3


Step 1B

If you are registered already, 

Visit: https://sarasfeijoo.thinkific.com and click [Sign in]

Enter your email address and the password you created when you enrolled. (There’s a handy ‘Forgot Password’ link if you can’t remember your password)

Step 3

You’ll see the Playfulness Quest course. Click on [Resume Course]

Step 4

On the student dashboard, click the course materials on the left

How to join in the conversation on the Facebook group

How to join the Zoom calls?

You will receive an email with all the information up to two hours before our call.

Download the software on your computer at, https://zoom.us/



If you have any additional questions or for any tech difficulty, please contact our tech team, support@sarasfeijoo.com