The Breath of Playfulness

                                                  TWO NEW WORKSHOPS
                                Sat, 16th Nov 2019 & Sun, 17th Nov 2019
                                Sat, 14th Dec 2019 & Sun, 15th Dec 2019
                                                   Edinburgh, Scotland


What is it about? 


Through the weekend will work on:


– Breathing exercises, grounding exercises, sensitivity and playfulness.

– Grow your improvisation skills.

– Taking risks safely.

– Build presence, communication and state of joy and discovery.

– Connection with yourself, partners and the audience.

– Moving from a relaxed space and spontaneous place within ourselves.

– State of awareness, wonder and play.

– Finding your authenticity.



Who is this for?


The workshop is perfect for public speakers, performers, singers and anyone that works with people on a daily basis.


* You want to go on a journey and are willing to explore your inner world  in a safe and playful environment.

* You want to understand yourself better and play/improvise from an authentic and truthful place.

* You need help to really truly breathe, feel grounded and relax in your daily life and when interacting with others.

* You don’t feel comfortable with yourself and you want to breakthrough that pattern.

* You want to feel more confident.

* You want to know more about yourself through exploring your physical and creative expression.


Want to know more?


This workshop will provide you with what you need to perform better at your talks or/and performances.

To feel confident with yourself.

It will give you tools to ground yourself and take control of your emotions in any interactions with others but moreover before jumping on stage.

Take you through the door to your own creative self – even if you think you are not creative!

We are hosting one-to-one chat calls with potential participants to make sure we are aware of your needs and wants!.  If we believe the workshop will be a good fit for you, we will inform you of the following steps to join the workshop as well as the price.

I felt energised and exhilarated and excited. I really enjoyed being held in a safe way, and I loved how you helped us to explore. It actually exceeded my expectations because I was nervous about working with you – not for a negative reason, but because I have not worked with you before. I like your energy and invited you to work with us on this basis, but then I got nervous as to whether that energy would transfer into the space – of course, it did! I didn’t need to be worried

Jesse Paul

Performance Maker and facilitator at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

You had such a relaxed and caring touch  on the group.


Workshop facilitator and Artist

I got from the workshop a greater sense of self, a sense of openness, a confidence boost through finding the purity of connection with others, the simplicity of just allowing myself to be seen and in front of other people – it’s life changing stuff, if you have courage and let the experiences run deep!

The deep breathing before speaking or doing things has stayed with me since the workshop, so thank you!

Emily Philips

Opera Singer, entrepreneur

I felt the workshop took me out of myself and gave me more confidence and skills for communicating effectively in social interactions.

John Morrison

Photographer and Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University

I feel this has given me an idea of how to use simplicity in my work. The breathing exercises were challenging but extremely beneficial

Phil O'Shea


Supportive atmosphere, positive feedback, authenticity.

The workshop has a lot of healing potential.

Laura Davis

Thank you for your wonderful playful being and your care for individuals as well as the collective.

Angela Hayes

I enjoyed that we took our time with each activity, it gave me time for everything to sink in effectively. I also enjoyed the one to one aspect, everyone had their own time.

Rosie Gibson