Searching for The Wishing Line

An interactive and immersive installation journey that will take you straight back into your heart.

On your arrival, you will be received by your Hostess at “The Memory Point”.
This point is provided will all you need to connect with the creativity inside yourself.

Once we all are ready,
We will depart into “I love flying with my Dreams” Tour.
It is a magical journey full of wonder, stories, insights and colours.

The Tour finishes at “The Mirror Point” in which you will have a space to reflect on the experience, write your own stories, and create your own tour as well.

You will be looked after very well during your time with us.

For more information or to book the installation, contact us.

This installation-like performance has taken part at:
Imaginate Family Fringe Festival 2016
Fringe Festival 2014
Hispanic Festival 2014
St. Margaret’s House 2013
Lyra Theatre 2013