Meet Saras Feijoo

An internationally acclaimed Productivity Strategist and Coach, Performance Curator and Multidisciplinary Performance Artist.

Sáras works with people interested in an holistic approach to their own businesses and projects.

After a successful career as a Fashion Designer in her native Venezuela, Saras has been travelling the world performing her work, working as a coach and strategist and organising performances events in Scotland, where she is currently based.

I am here to help you bring your creative side forward and to provide you with unique ways to see life from a more artistic perspective. I will show you how to feel inspired and joyful, but also connected with emotions inside yourself that might have been forgotten or need nourishment. This will allow you to find your inner creative voice and live the life you have always imagined.

Open the door to YOUR inner artist or, and bring YOUR creative side out, and you will be able to play/create from an honest and transparent place within yourself. This will not only help you see & navigate situations differently in your life, achieve your more significant potential by not believing in limiting “logical” thoughts BUT also, go from “thinking inside the box” to “think it” your own creative way.

Let me help you adopt a new lifestyle that will allow you to rediscover intimacy, honesty, colour, lightness, inspiration and joy. All of these states will help you have meaningful relationships with others and with your own self, live every day in a continuous harmonic flow and find that every moment becomes your eternal muse.

I am all about Creative Energy that ultimately, it is our Soul and I am constantly generating ways to show you how to unleash it, dive deep into it and expand it continuously.

Thank you for passing by and for your time!

What would it mean to you if you could adopt a new lifestyle that will allow you to permeate your existence with intimacy, honesty, colour, lightness, inspiration and joy.

Who Am I? My Story

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Accessing your Productive Flow and Growing your Business

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Believe in Arts – Believe in Creativity

" Believe in Arts. Believe in Creativity." These are the words with which  I opened the Festival of New Arts last Friday 30th June at The Netherbow Theatre, Scottish Storytelling Centre. Why do I say that?   There are so many people that do not believe in the...

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