Meet Saras Feijoo

Award-Winner Playfulness Mindset Coach and Guide, Multi-passionate Creative Entrepreneur, Performance Curator and Multidisciplinary Performance Artist.


Sáras (pronounced Sárasa) works with creative entrepreneurs, business owners, parents, transgender and non-binary folks and those who believe in the importance of having daily fun and joy.

Her mission is to share with you playful and practical tools to incorporate into your daily life and the way you run your business to help you create more resilience, self-care and love for yourself.
As well as guide you into achieving your business and live goals, the playful way!


After a successful career as a Fashion Designer in SouthAmerica, Saras is an Scottish resident while also, she has been travelling the world performing her work, working as a playfulness mindset (business/life) coach, guide and teacher and, organising her International Playfulness Festival – PlayfulFest.

She is also a figurative visual painter who has exhibited her work in Scotland. She is currently traveling SouthAmerica creating digital and physical paintings and murals. Check her work and book your comission, HERE.


I really got a lot out of the grounding exercise. It really grounded me and I felt I connected more to my body. It felt really powerful! It also felt like I was releasing  tension that has built up over time.  I  definitely want to continue this exercise”.

– Laura McNamee, Saras’ student.

“Your workshop made me happy, in particular our imaginary party at the end !” – Attendee Feedback.

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Hi, my friend! This is me, Saras (pronounced Sárasa like Amazon). If I was asked three words to describe me, I would use: playful, free and rebel.

After experiencing so many challeging situation in my birth country, I discovered that being playful connect us back with our essence while keeping us in the present moment. It also heals our heart, open our minds and allow our sould ot express itself.

Why free? Because I know that some people might want to take your freedom away or your right to choose but no one ever can take away your sense of feeling free. Playfulness gives you that gift in every moment, I have experienced.

I was born rebel. My family thoight it was a phase, I thought there was something wrong with me. Then, I learned that there are people like you and me in this world, that think different and do things in a genuine and authentic way!

Welcome to my world. You are home now.

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What would it mean to you if you could adopt a new lifestyle that will allow you to permeate your existence with intimacy, honesty, colour, lightness, inspiration and joy.

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