BEING PLAYFUL is about finding a way to love yourself no matter what the circumstances.

It is also about letting go of the inner-critic voice within us that is causing us unlimited pain and keeping us in a place we are not happy with.



Being Playful is also about developing the resilience to come up with solutions when things seem to be falling apart.


Playfulness gives us tools to kick the odds, the blues, the difficulties, the limiting beliefs.

It helps us stand up and keep going.


It gives us the opportunity to adapt to the circumstances and create something new.

Reach new horizons.

See the good where it seems there is none.

Believe that we can realise things which seem impossible. 


When we choose ‘being playful’ or playfulness, we are choosing to stay in the present moment, where no limitation exists, where the mind has no place other than staying calm and focused.


When we choose a PLAYFUL MINDSET over any other mindset, we are choosing to take seriously how we approach our activities, our work, our entrepreneurial journey and our responsibilities instead of, “taking ourselves too seriously”.


Being playful is about a shift in our energy, choosing the bubbly sensations within us, the inner joy, the light-heartedness, the ever-expansive freedom and child-like curiosity. 


Being playful it is also a shift in the relationship we hold with ourselves and others. It allows spontaneity, relaxation and flow.



It is definitely a journey which is not easy at first,  but the rewards of choosing playfulness as a way to live our lives bring us results that are priceless.


This  journey involves choosing ease over unnecessary stress. 


And also, letting go of pain, limiting beliefs, heaviness of heart and CHOOSING lightness, joy, bubbly sensations within ourselves.


Includes also accepting who we are and seeing our ‘mistakes’ as opportunities to explore new ways to do the same thing; this translates into taking risks safely in work, in business and, in family life.


Playfulness invites us to embrace our vulnerable self and by doing so we open the door to our inner curiosity – which lets us connect with new ideas and new ways to look at the world that surrounds us.


This is, of course, an ever-evolving journey that we choose moment by moment and that allows us to dive completely into the NOW.


Choosing Playfulness is choosing ourselves and our well-being above anything else.


When we appreciate and full-heartedly feel grateful for what we have and who we are, we are opening the doors to playfulness in our lives.


What are you grateful for today?