Can I Be More Creative and have
access to my Creative Flow? 

3 tips to help your inner artist expand and grow

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We are all Artists...
We are Creators...

Whether You want to accept it or not... We all are.

The only difference is how you choose to LOOK AT THINGS.

Most, if not all the people in the three groups were always seeking to be more creative and to expand their creative skills... have more colour in their lives, a reason to play, a reason to have fun and smile.

This guide will help you open the door to your creative side, bring more colour in your life, a reason to play, a reason to have fun and smile. Also, shows you the way I work, think, create and continuously expand my creative skills. Especially, how I manage to keep things fresh in my daily life activities and artistic projects. 


Sáras Feijóo is Creativity Mentor, an internationally acclaimed Multidisciplinary Performance and Visual Artist and a Curator. 

She guides people into finding ways to let their creative side filled their daily lives helping them transform their average day into a Creative Adventure. She also creates her own performances and visual work and directs, curates, hosts and promotes events worldwide.

She has worked as a Creative Mentor with people from Lithuania, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico and Scotland. Her work has been seen in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Poland and Germany.

Sharon Shazz Shazzy

Circus & Fire Artist 

I joined Saras' creative mailing list on her website, as an artist I'm pretty creative. I've been having a few blocks lately though, after connecting with Saras I brought creativity into my everyday life. Making tea is a joyous and creative dance now. This has also transpired into my flow dancing. I'm creating new concepts. Also love all the live shows, positivity and creative mentorship she offers. Thank you so much! Your love and passion is a true gift and so happy to have met you!