Get an Art Piece (painting, drawing, collage, performance piece or customise garment) created by Yours Truly based on your emotions, memories, things you love and get FREE SHIPPING when booking TODAY (or before 30th Nov if you don't want your Art Work for Christmas!)

What do you mean, Saras?

Easy! You book a time at, we have a 20 minutes chat in which I will ask you questions. 

I go off, think about it all, talk to you again and create a unique tailored piece or art: drawing, painting or something else we agree in advance.
Send it to you by Post and it will arrive by Christmas time.

Why only this Weekend?

Because I want to make you something special that you can open by Christmas or before the New Year. But if you don't really mind, You can enjoy this offer until the end of November and get your piece of Art by January.


Why is it so special?

Because I am going to create a Piece of Art based on your values, your childhood memories, the music you love, the emotions you want to recreate when seeing that piece of art.

What Size could it be? and tell me more about the price!

We will discuss all of this in our 20 minutes call. Maximum size is 1m. Prices will vary being the minimum around $1500.

Do You have any more questions?

Send me a PM and let's chat!

Why is this a Cyber Monday Offer?
Because the SHIPPING goes on me 

Don't you know my work?
Don't worry. You can look at it now.

Do you want more goodness?
I get you. You want more! I have more for you :)

Get a personalised video in which I explain to you the process behind the piece, the why behind the colours or elements I use in it and how all came together!