Each of the items in this online shop has been designed to bring creativity (therefore, inspiration, lightness and joy) into your daily life experience.

The aim is to bring your creative side forwards by providing you with unique ways to see life from a more artistic perspective, feel inspired and joyful but also, by making you feel connected with emotions inside yourself that might have been forgotten or need nourishment. On doing this, you will be able to find your inner creative voice and live the life you have always imagined.

By opening the door to YOUR inner artist or, bring YOUR creative side out, you will be able to play/create from an honest and transparent place within yourself. This will not only help you see & navigate situations differently in your life, achieve your bigger potential by not believing in limiting "logical" thoughts BUT also, go from "thinking inside the box" to "think it" your own creative way.

Let me help you adopt a new lifestyle that will allow you to permeate your existence with intimacy, honesty, colour, lightness, inspiration and joy. All of these states will help you have meaningful relationships with others and with your own self, live every day in a continuous harmonic flow and find that every moment becomes your eternal muse.


Sáras Feijóo is an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist, theatre maker, performer and creative force.  Apart from creating her performance and visual work, she works with people interested in letting their creative side permeate their daily lives.

"In this shop, you will find artwork made by me, Saras Feijoo. Your purchase will go towards the creation of more art projects to inspire more people.
Read more about my story, here."