How to NOURISH YOUR CREATIVE ENERGY without pushing Yourself even if you believe you are not good enough TO BE AN ARTIST

 Receive a video every week on how to increase your confidence, connect with Your Creative Energy, let your intuition flow, your environment matters, acceptance, commitment/consistency and, intentionality.

 Each video will help you embrace your creativity and bring more joy, light, colour and intention into your LIFE and BUSINESS.

There will be actions to focus on throughout the week and extra support on a secret FB group where you will be able to share where you are at, ask questions and get new ideas to try.



The Investment is ONLY


Start on 25nd November.




Embrace your Creativity and let if fill your daily Life, feeling free to express and share what comes from your heart.

We will start on 25nd November but those who join before will receive an extra week of inspiration.

A perfect way to jump into 2018 creatively!


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Who is this for?
_  For You, If you are already a Creative individual/Artist and are looking for new ways to get inspired.

_ For You, if you are already connected with your Creative Energy (but are not neccessary an artist) and want to find ways to bring more of it into your life and business.

_ For You, if you feel your Creative Energy is inside you bursting to come out, but have no idea how to bring it into your life and business.

Look forward to welcome you into this Journey!



I am a Creative Mentor, Multidisciplinary Artist, Theatre Maker and Curator. Apart from creating my own theatre shows, live performances and visual work: which includes installations and paintings. 

As a Creative Mentor, I work with people interested in letting their creative side permeate their daily lives or those that are already in the arts and are looking to refine their creative paths. 


  YES, I want to take part