Memories of a Lullaby

– the need to remember and the wish to forget –


A one-woman show combining physical and visual theatre, storytelling and visual arts: a large-scale painting is created by the performer during the show.

The realities of Venezuelan life brought to the stage in a haunting, yet heart-warming, performance piece… … Taking hate and horror, through the alchemy of art, she transforms them into poetry, beauty and love.”  The List


The award-winning performance is a hard-hitting immersive experience of the extreme day to day existence that many people face throughout the world and is based on Saras’s own experiences and ongoing experiences of many other people living in Venezuela. Memories of a Lullaby questions how social- political conditions shape us as individuals and skillfully combines physical political theatre with visual art elements to give a full on yet tender performance which is suitable for audiences from the age of 14+.

“If she is a living canvas, portraying many characters, she is also a visual artist who sweeps a landscape onto blank paper, the rapid crayons underlining her “need to remember and the wish to forget.”  The Herald