Your Life and Business – The Playful Way

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‘Being Playful’ is part of our nature and a state of mind

I realise how important play and fun is in our lives” – Souli Yates. 

“Thank you for your inspirational presence and the reminder that I should focus on strengthening my playful heart and giving space to my own playfulness” – Bart Durand


Playfulness gives you the tools to live your life

from a different place and energy within yourself

Who is Saras?

Known and described as ‘Remarkable’ by the Scotsman, Saras has been working on the field of playfulness for over 15 years. Her search has always been how to integrate ‘being playful’ into our daily lives.  creating and sharing strategies and tools to do so. 

She has been creating physical comedy theatre performances with playfulness at their core.  

Saras also coaches highly-driven, determined professionals and entrepreneurs to grow their confidence,  joy and state of flow in their businesses and lives, helping them develop and expand their business and clarify their life goals and objectives.

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