Exploratory Play Laboratory

A weekend of play, improvisation and fun! 

Workshop coming to Edinburgh: 22nd and 23rd February 2020

Hey you!!….Yes, you! I see you, working in the office

Sitting for most of your day, working on your computer, typing… moving the mouse around… answering the phone


You too! You’re the entrepreneur who never stops working

I see you! You always have that one extra thing to do before you’ll let yourself have a break.

Do you remember the last time you really took a day off???


I have a special invitation JUST for you!

Being Playful gives you the tools to live your life

from a different place and energy within yourself

Come and join me for a fun weekend

I know a weekend is some time that you all you have!

To get things done, to go for a walk, to catch up with Netflix, hang out with your friends.

I don’t just want to tell you that by being playful you can change your reality.


Past participants love the workshops!

“I got from the workshop a greater sense of self, a sense of openness, a confidence boost through finding the purity of connection with others, the simplicity of just allowing myself to be seen and in front of other people – it’s life changing stuff, if you have courage and let the experiences run deep!

The deep breathing before speaking or doing things has stayed with me since the workshop, so thank you!”

Emily Philips

Embodied Voice Coach

I have a promise

  • You will have fun
  • You will forget that hard week
  • You will get to move your body around 
  • You will take a break from all those calls, all those conversations
  • Your stress levels will decrease

Together we will create a safe space

Workshop coming to Edinburgh: 22nd and 23rd February 2020

I enjoyed that we took our time with each activity, it gave me time for everything to sink in effectively. I also enjoyed the one-to-one aspect, everyone had their own time.– Rosie Gibson, Edinburgh, Scotland

“You had such a relaxed and caring touch  on the group

Liina – Workshop facilitator and Artist

She is a master of enveloping you in light energies”

Marc-John Brown – Entrepreneur, Linguist and Writer

“Thank you Saras for your wonderful playful being and your care for individuals as well as the collective

Katherine Wyers
Software Engine

Remember being playful is not about being irresponsible or immature.

It is about being in a state of joy and wonder.

✓ It connects you with yourself and your inner child.

 It helps you engage with your reality fully and more presently.

✓ It helps you connect with yourself, your authenticity and the spontaneous place within you.

It gives you tools to created JOYFUL ANARCHY.

This is what you will experience on 22nd and 23rd February 2020!!!!

And the best gift that you can give to yourself right now is to embrace your playful side, dive deep into this energy, accept it and let it expand in other areas of your life.

Come and heal your heart

from boredom and tiredness!!!.

Workshop coming to Edinburgh: 22nd and 23rd February 2020

Most people don’t realise this but being playful is part of our nature… you don’t need a reason to stop and be playful!


“I would really recommend it”

                                                                           John Morrison


Who is Saras?

Known and described as ‘Remarkable’ by the Scotsman, Saras has been working on the field of playfulness for over 15 years. Her search has always been how to integrate ‘being playful’ into our daily lives.  creating and sharing strategies and tools to integrate ‘being playful’ into our daily lives. 

She has been creating theatre performances with playfulness at their core. For many years, she has also been teaching and sharing tools on the art of being playful. 


Saras also coaches empowering and highly-driven determined individuals to grow confidence,  joy and state of flow in their business and lives, helping them develop and expand their business and clarify their life goals and objectives.

What a Playful Life offers

The opportunity to distance yourself from drama and overwhelmed.

And yet to feel your feelings deeply and completely while having tools to let them go in a healthy way.
Which is so important to get to know who you really are and your potential
When taking life so seriously, it is very common to hold onto feelings and believes that makes us feel heavy and overwhelmed. 
Being playful provides an opportunity to create and engage with different perspectives on how life (and every situation) can be, offering a range of choices, situations and connections that can be made upon your choice.

Playfulness give us tools to discover that there is much more to life that what our mind has been presenting us. By engaging our imagination we bring a completely new dimension to our realities.

Justina Kaminskaitė

Singer, Performance Artist

“I feel comforted not only by the clear steps you suggested I take, but also by the fact that there is you who has been through the process of working on challenging personal material and transforming it into the light at the end of the tunnel.

What is valuable in being in touch with you is that you work on both levels or spheres – general inspiration/vibe/heart and very accurate instructions, schemes which you’ve clearly tried out yourself and which one can apply intellectually”

Exploratory Play Laboratory

What will we cover?


  • Visualisations to ground yourself
  • Improvisation skills
  • Taking risks safely
  • Build presence, communication and state of joy and discovery
  • Connection with yourself and partners
  • Moving from a relaxed space and spontaneous place within ourselves
  • State of awareness, wonder and play
  • Finding your authenticity

Who is this for

 The workshop is perfect FOR YOU if:

  • You are a work-addict. You don’t know when/how to stop
  • You are caught up in a (work/family) routine and you (just) want to hack into it
  • You are a public speaker, an entrepreneur or a professional.
  • You work 9am – until the work gets done!
  • You don’t remember when you took a day off last time
  • You haven’t laughed for a while
  • You know you need to add fun and enthusiasm into your day
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and tired
  • You feel burned out and unmotivated
  • You want to feel grounded and relax in your daily life and when interacting with others

What will happen for you?

You will:

  • try something different
  • take risks in a safe environment.
  • get ‘caught up’ in the moment allowing this joyful energy to expand in every are of your life.
  • meet a more lively and engage version of yourself.
  • connect with yourself and others in a very fresh and fully present way.

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Feel confident within yourself.
  • Engage your imagination on your daily activities
  • Ground yourself and take control of your emotions.
  • Access your little madness self.
  • Connect with your inner child and create joyful anarchy

See you on the playful side!!! xx

Workshop coming to Edinburgh: 22nd and 23rd February 2020