Creative Journeys that take your breath away, inspire you and fill your heart with awe 

Sáras Feijóo is a Performance Curator, workshop facilitator and events organiser.

Having curated events for the last 6 years, Saras has developed an unique vision creating immersive experiences for the viewer, actively (emotionally and physically) involving the audience on what is presented and transporting them into a different world.

Saras is also a workshop facilitator on physical comedy, grounding, playfulness and stage presence.

Some of her events combine a good mixture between a workshop and interactive performance. These events are great as a team building activities.

Additionally, Saras is the Creative Director of an International Festival of Physical Comedy that takes place in Edinburgh.  The festival brings together world-class shows, heart-quality performers, the best technical team and a warm, generous and open-minded audience. Enhancing and nourishing our community of artists nationally and internationally.

“… a fascinating festival, drawn together by the remarkable Scottish-based performance artist Saras Feijoo”
Joyce McMillan. The Scotsman. Read more HERE