What would it mean to you if you could reach your goals, live your life and run your business the playful way? 


Bring inspiration, lightness and joy into your daily life

Helping you find your authentic voice and live the life you have always imagined.

Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

Create Your Mind Map &  Strategies to Boost Your Confidence. A journey into discovering the force that lies within you.

90-day 1:1 Mentorship Programme

Make a change in your business and life by finding your Productive and Creative Flow. A bespoke 1:1 programme based on what you need to keep you moving forward.

“During my 90day coaching program with Saras I was able to move from a state of overwhelmed to action. Saras is kind, gentle and a wonderful listener. Talking to her was easy and fun and her lightness just lifted my “stuck” feeling and was able to continue with the creation of my course.
She offered clarity and easy action steps and I felt excited again about my work and offerings. I am so grateful for her insights and loving guidance.”

Malika Boulogne

Soul Alignment Catalyst and Seer

I love Saras and the joy she brings to the moment! I had the creative coaching session and was blocked for years. After talking with her I had complete clarity and understanding on how to get inspired and just take the next step. I learned all my fears and beliefs were that of many artists, I wasn’t alone!

After having a block to paint for 10 years or more, I started painting and have finished one and started a whole new type of painting style! It hasn’t even been a month!

Amanda Marissa Marascola

Artist, USA

I had a twenty minute consultation with Saras this morning and I have to say it was fantastic. Totally inspiring and motivating. I am ready now to face 2018.


Lloyd Lewis

Artist, England

Saras gave me practical keys to optimize my time and rest. She helped me to observe everything I could improve in my work and my relationship with it, helping me to see where there was or could be energetic leaking.

I feel that, through her advice, my calm, balance and enthusiasm have increased significantly.


Jon del Vas

Founder of Silence, Breath and Voice, Barcelona

Sáras is inspiring and motivating from the start, with her close, cheerful and natural style, with which everything seems easy. I moved forward my project and there is no doubt that it has been thanks to the support and influence of Saras. Her method is fluid, with no visible formulas or rules. She speaks the language of the heart.



Susana Varela

Designer, Illustrator & Budding Artist, Spain

My time spent with Saras very naturally brought about a deepening of my thought processes. So deep that it bypassed thinking, and moved more into feeling. She is a master of enveloping you in light energies, which are the perfect breeding ground for creativity and flow. Since working with her I have learned to structure my life so that I can prioritise the creative endeavours that nourish my soul, and this now completely lightens up the energy of all of my more mundane daily tasks, making my working days much more happy, light and enjoyable.



Marc-John Brown

Entrepreneur, Linguist & Writer and, Co-Founder: www.mjslanguagesolutions.com, Scotland

Saras Feijoo – Playfulness Mindset Coach & Strategist

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