Accessing your Productive Flow and Growing your Business

Jun 28, 2017

::: 2017 :::  Last Two Months  :::

:::: Edinburgh – Galway – Dublin – Los Angeles – Arizona – Warsaw – Glasgow – Edinburgh – Glasgow- Garbicz – Berlin – Glasgow – Edinburgh ::::

“I wonder how many people out there, are unwilling to believe and explore their authentic and unique creative skills.”

I cannot stress enough how these two months, in which I have taken part of many different creative projects, have been transformative for me – as an artist, person, family member, community member, and human…


Performance art piece in Ireland. Networking in LA, working alongside an entrepreneur-artist Brian A. Bernhard, clown show in California, entrepreneur weekend + creative projects in Arizona and Warsaw. Directing clown pieces in Edinburgh, connecting with creatives in Glasgow, creating a improvise dance performance in Garbicz with a collective of artists, performing in the streets of Berlin. Mentoring and coaching artists and people seeking to develop further their creativity. Artistic research in all those places. Artistic interview with Brian Bernhard chatting about his work and his ARTrepreneurship talk which with he’s rocking on in LA at the moment (watch our interview, here. Things get hotter from minute 4:32). Producing, hosting and (finally) having the opportunity to share the stage and perform, at the latest Clown Cabaret Scratch Night in Edinburgh (see photos, here),  with performer, director and teacher, Tim Licata – who’s work I have admired for many years. I am also facilitating a Clown Laboratory in Edinburgh tomorrow and Sunday.


My intention in sharing all of this is not to “show off”… Nope! It is something bigger than that. My intention is to show you that little steps towards what you want will inform your unique creative path.


Let me tell you more!


In all of those cities, I met beautiful people – just like you! (and me, of course! ;)) -. I have divided them into three groups.


– The artists, always creating… and creating… and creating new opportunities to connect with their audiences and with their creative skills.


– Those who wanted to be more creative, always trying to get involved in little creative projects to top up their lives with hope and light.


– Those who couldn’t dare to call themselves artists. They knew inside themselves they are one! – just could not actually think they could become one.


I have good news…

We are ALL artists, and it all depends on how we choose to look at things.


Most, if not all the people in the three groups were always seeking to be more creative and to expand their creative skills… have more colour in their lives, a reason to play, a reason to have fun and smile.

Which group do you belong to?

Or which group do you want to belong to?

Well, it doesn’t matter right now!


Whichever the group you consider yourself to be in, I would love to help you develop further your creative side. For this, I have written an easy-to-read GUIDE, Can I Be More Creative and have access to my Creative Flow?.


YOU can download it RIGHT NOW by opting in below this post, read it, experiment with what I share in it and get in touch to let me know how it goes for you!


After having a very inspiring email exchange with one of the most amazing women I have met in my life, Brahmi Ishaya. I sat on my computer and wrote the guide as if there were not tomorrow.


My biggest goal at the moment is to make you realise that you are already an amazing artist – whether you know it or not.


The guide will help you open the door to your creative side AND also, show you the way I work, think, create and continuously expand my creative skills. Especially, how I manage to keep things fresh in my daily life activities and artistic projects.


That’s all for now! With love and a creative heart, Saras.