Blooming Surprise

A story about loneliness, hope and love.

Set in an airport, Blooming Surprise takes you on an unexpected journey into your heart, where hope blooms, ever fresh.

This performance invites you to explore a new language, connect with your deepest emotions, and to believe in yourself and your dreams.


You will leave the theatre with a sweet taste in your mouth after a full-hearted experience.

Saras Feijóo is certainly a good-natured enough clown to coax even the most hardened of red nose haters.” Broadway Baby

Read an interview from Broadway Baby about the show, here

This piece is about the universal language of the heart and left me with a smile on my face. As if Saras, through her sensitive performance, had given a delicate flower to cherish and look after”  Tania Czajka. Artistic Director Le Petit Monde

“… watching the magical, hypnotic Sáras Feijóo tell the tale of a brave soul, on a journey to find love…” Edinburgh Sketcher.
Read his review and buy some of his artwork, here

This show has been performed in the UK and in Poland.

Below you can watch the interview I gave in Poland before my show on the 30th August 2017.

Photos of the show, HERE