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- Believe in Arts - Believe in Creativity -

" Believe in Arts. Believe in Creativity." These are the words with which  I opened the Festival of New Arts last Friday 30th June at The Netherbow Theatre, Scottish Storytelling Centre.Why do I say that?There are so many people that do not believe in the value of the arts, so many parents that are disappointed when their children show interest in pursuing an artistic career. Support for art programs is usually the first budget item to be cut by the government. When you praise an artist of any discipline by saying, "Wow! You are a great artist!", he or she will generally look at the floor, and say: "No, not really!".This reminds me of Nicholas, a creative person that over the course of two days...

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Can I Be a More Creative Person and have unlimited access to my Creative Flow?

::: 2017 :::  Last Two Months  :::  :::: Edinburgh - Galway - Dublin - Los Angeles - Arizona - Warsaw - Glasgow - Edinburgh - Glasgow- Garbicz - Berlin - Glasgow - Edinburgh ::::  "I wonder how many people out there, are unwilling to believe and explore their authentic and unique creative skills."   I cannot stress enough how these two months, in which I have taken part of many different creative projects, have been transformative for me - as an artist, person, family member, community member, and human...Performance art piece in Ireland. Networking in LA, working alongside an entrepreneur-artist Brian A. Bernhard, clown show in California, entrepreneur weekend + creative projects in Arizona and Warsaw. Directing clown pieces in Edinburgh, connecting with creatives in Glasgow, creating a...

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Who Am I? - My Story!... (Con Versión en Español)

 Dear Friend, Thank you for visiting! For the last 18 years, I have followed my heart's call, one creative project at the time. After starting from scratch in many countries - 2 different continents -, learn a new language and continue to believe in what makes my heart's pump. I am now, a full-time artist that works internationally creating my projects, working collaboratively with artists of many disciplines in various countries, entrepreneurs and producers as well as, helping others to develop and expand further their creative side.(Versión en Español, aquí)I remember when I left my birth country: Venezuela. I was finishing my philosophy studies at the U.C.V., had my fashion brand business Bjaki and was working for T.V and Cinema commercials. Even with all of that,...

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