Believe in Arts – Believe in Creativity

” Believe in Arts. Believe in Creativity.”

These are the words with which  I opened the Festival of New Arts last Friday 30th June at The Netherbow Theatre, Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Why do I say that?


There are so many people that do not believe in the value of the arts, so many parents that are disappointed when their children show interest in pursuing an artistic career. Support for art programs is usually the first budget item to be cut by the government. When you praise an artist of any discipline by saying, “Wow! You are a great artist!”, he or she will generally look at the floor, and say: “No, not really!”.


This reminds me of Nicholas, a creative person that over the course of two days showed me many of his unique artistic projects. His home was as close to an art installation as you can imagine: a table that was both a dining and a beach-like kind of experience to remind you of your picnics by the sea, paintings all over the place, a custom-built guitar case hanging, water guns to fight the villains… He had it all! Even neon lights in key places that change colours, depending on the event.


And yet, he doesn’t consider himself an artist.


Thanks to my recent trip in which I had the opportunity to work and collaborate with so many artists and creative people, I can write today what I have intuitively known for a long time:


Creativity will change your life.  Art goes beyond what we create/make in the outside world. It is hope; it is light, it is a connection found within. Some call it “Source”; others, “Infinite; others,”Soul”. Access that internal energy that is your real identity; then, let it permeate your life until you exist and shine from there. Then share it with the world.


This has been my commitment for a long, long time. Perhaps you might not want to be a full-time artist/creative person, but surely you want to live more creatively and efficiently, to create your life experience consciously. I know this because you are reading this!

I want to support you in having a more creative and fulfilled life experience so tell me, What are you doing today to allow more creativity in your life? What is that dream of yours that you have been wanted to pursue but haven’t done it yet?


Do something today, even if it seems small, to bring you closer to that dream of yours… and of course, let me know how it went!