90-day Bespoke 1:1 Creative Mentorship Programme

A deep journey into becoming more productive, drop the drama, let emotional and mental blockages behind, find clarity to finally get to what is essential and becoming more of who you really are.

Who is this for?

  • You are a heart-centred entrepreneur, small business owner or self-employed individual who is struggling to move forward with your projects and business.
  • You feel overwhelmed with what you are experimenting right now and cannot plan, reflect and think clearly.
  • You need help with visualising the changes that your business (and life) are experimenting right now.
  • You want to gain ‘simplicity’ when making decisions.


  • You are ready to dive deep into a thorough work to review the complex situations that arise and find ways on how to face them in the best way possible.
  • You want more of this in your life and the way you run your business: CALMNESS, practical thinking, avoid a ‘panic state’ when things ‘get complicated’, clear path, state of play and joy.


The coaching includes:


Intensive option (3, 6, 12 months)

  • 1:1 online calls every week.
  • Unlimited support over FB chat or email.
  • Accountability.
  • VIP treatment – be the first on the list to get your answers (normally within 4 hours).
  • The opportunity to have someone guiding you and supporting you along the way: ready to take you along the way with sensibility, objectivity, cutting the drama and going straight to what is essential.

Investment starts from $3500+

‘Soft’ Option (3, 6, 12 months)

  • 1:1 online calls every two weeks
  • Messaging support over FB chat or email up to 5 hours.
  • Accountability.
  • Get your answers within 24 hours. 

Investment starts from $2500+

What will we be working on?

This program is tailored to your needs!  
However, some of the things we will work:

  • Practical Thinking – bye bye, drama!
  • Creation of your “visual” map to assist you in the journey.
  • Space to plan and reflect on your next steps.
  • Find calm within you and move from there.
  • Consistence in your business and life projects.
  • The art of being visible and expanding your business aligned with your personal values.
  • Visualise the changes that arise in your business and life and facing them the best way possible FOR YOU getting the best outcome FOR YOU.
  • Have a clear picture and plan better from it.
  • Connecting with your deepest self and your tribe from an honest place.
  • Mental limitations and emotional blockages.
  • SIMPLICITY when making decisions.
  • The art of being yourself in front of your audience/client/tribe.
  • ‘Ride the waves’ of change with an open mind.


What are the outcomes?

Having a clear understanding of where you are standing, where you want to go and how to get there.

Having a healthy mindset that will help you move forward.

Having a structure to keep you accountable.

Mental space to plan, reflect and think with clarity.

Knowing use your problem-solving skills more creatively.

Being able to cultivate freedom, passion and dedication in your life.

Gaining a greater focus when deciding your next steps.


Why Now?

Because LIFE is NOW and, the world needs more people like YOU ready to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and YOUR creativity!

Willing to heal yourself, raise your vibration and bring something fresh and new into your life.

YOUR inner Artist is there… INSIDE YOU waiting for you to give it a chance.


Investment starts from £2500


I love Saras and the joy she brings to the moment! I had the creative coaching session and was blocked for years. After talking with her I had complete clarity and understanding on how to get inspired and just take the next step. I learned all my fears and beliefs were that of many artists, I wasn’t alone!

After having a block to paint for 10 years or more, I started painting and have finished one and started a whole new type of painting style! It hasn’t even been a month!

Amanda Marissa Marascola

Artist, USA

I had a twenty minute consultation with Saras this morning and I have to say it was fantastic. Totally inspiring and motivating. I am ready now to face 2018.

Lloyd Lewis

Artist, Scotland